Skyfire for iPhone to open ‘batches of downloads for new users over the coming days’

When Skyfire for the iPhone finally hit the iTunes app store, it nearly brought the browser’s servers to its knees. It was sold out in the sense that it couldn’t continue selling because of server capacity. So much for thinking that people didn’t really care much about whether Flash content could be displayed – one way or another – on their iPhones.

Here’s what went down when Skyfire initially hit the app store:

The app is actually SOLD OUT while Skyfire increases server capacity. They’ll open up a new batch for download very soon. Skyfire is working to increase server capacity as we speak and in the end, this will result in the best possible user experience once they hit the store again.

Just like promised, the browser has started dropping into the iTunes app store in batches. Other countries will also soon be able to download the app as well. To see the company’s official response, hit the next page.

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