VISIONary app gives T-Mobile G2 (temp) one-click root solution

one-click root app for T-Mobile G2

one-click root app for T-Mobile G2While we’re all awaiting the permanent root of the T-Mobile G2, the temporary root method just got much easier thanks to VISIONary. It’s a free app that automatically roots your T-Mobile G2 in a snap.

We mentioned this application when we were showing how to remove Google Goggles, but it deserves some more attention. After all, you couldn’t actually use the Google Goggles Remover without it. Brought to us by Paul OBrien, head of MoDaCo, VISIONary is simple and to the point. You can find it in the Android Market right now for free, but there’s also a donate version, Visionary +,  if you’d like to help support further development, which you probably do, right?

The only thing you need to do before getting the app to root your device is to go to Settings>Applications>Development, and make sure that USB Debugging is checked and you should be ready to run the app. Once you launch the app, it will ask you if you’d like to run this every time you boot your phone, otherwise you’ll have to keep launching the app every time.

So, check that box to make it easier on yourself, and then hit Root Now. You’ll get a black screen with a yellow triangle, with text below saying, “Rooting device, please wait.” The G2 should be rooted within a few seconds, and you’ll return to the first screen.  You’re done!

I’m no developer, but I’m hoping that this app, or at least the method that the app roots the device will make way for a permanent root solution. That said, this temporary solution should suit the needs for those who just want to run root applications. Those wanting custom ROMs will have to wait longer until everything is sorted out, but I don’t imagine that a permanent solution  is too far away.

[Via: XDA-Developers]

  • iownaG2

    Looks like it’s been suspended on the Android Market: VISIONary Off the Market?

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