T-Mobile G2 and HTC Desire Z permanently rooted – Why you may want to wait

We knew the T-Mobile G2 and the HTC Desire Z that is is based on was going to eventually get a permanent root solution. Well, that time has come. The T-Mobile G2, as well as the Desire Z have officially been rooted, permanently. Thanks to the guys over at XDA, (again) we are now in a much better position to get some of the mods out of this handset that we’ve wanted. But should you wait?

It’s said that the VISIONary application that we posted about just yesterday will allow for a permanent one-click root solution, possibly as soon as tomorrow. The VISIONary application is too simple to mess up, in contrast the current permanent root method could just turn your handset into a brick. One expensive, useless, brick. For this reason, I’ll be waiting until tomorrow to see if VISIONary is updated, as I no longer wish to kill my phone and attempt to bring it back to life.

It certainly took long enough, but we’re more than thankful for the guys who were constantly working on this project for the G2 users. It’s come quite a long way without permanent root, but now that we have the real deal, custom ROMs can become more of a reality.  Now all we need is a working custom recovery image for this thing, and of course, custom ROMs. It’s a good day to be a G2 user, and hopefully you didn’t return your phone for something like the lack of root – as I’ve heard that some people have done just that.

The G2 and the Desire Z are said to be able to switch ROMs interchangeably. So even if it’s not CyanogenMod, we’ll likely be able to see some sort of ROM awaiting us when the time is right. That said, the G2 and HTC Desire Z just barely got a real root method, so a custom recovery image may be a little too soon to speak of. Nonetheless, it’s certainly on its way. Luckily, this came at a great time, and we may actually get a Gingerbread port sooner than later when it actually does hit the Nexus one.

Whether you are ready to get your root on your G2 or Desire Z today, or if you’re willing to wait until tomorrow, the time is nigh.

If you want to jump in head-first and permanently root your G2 or DZ today, follow the instructions here. (WARNING: It’s not easy)

[Via: XDA-Developers]

  • androidEyez

    Well today’s the 11th and hopefully is the day Gingerbread starts to arrive to all of our stock android handsets one way or the other.

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