Nexus S display units hitting Best Buy November 14th?

Here’s a little more Samsung Nexus S news if you just haven’t had enough today. According to a leaked document, Nexus S display units should be hitting up Best Buy Mobile on the 14th, and an official launch can only be followed shortly afterward.

Last we heard, the Nexus S was delayed due to a hardware issue found while testing. We’re taking that to mean that the underwhelming Samsung Continuum announcement could have been more exciting, had the Nexus S been ready for an official unveiling. The handset will undoubtedly sport a Super AMOLED display, but the size may be bigger than the standard 4 inch displays we’re used to seeing in most Galaxy S variants. Some are saying that the Nexus S will come with a 4.5 flexible Super AMOLED display, which could be a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it. A flexible display may be nice enough, but 4.5 inches is just monstrous, and we’re not sure if we’d like to have that sort of thing in our pockets at all times.

If the display units do indeed hit up Best Buy Mobile this Sunday, we can expect an official release of the device possibly as soon as the next day. Then again, since they are display units, it likely wouldn’t matter if they carried some sort of hardware issue, as they aren’t the real deal.

Whatever the case, the Nexus S is very real, and has been confirmed to be on its way to Best Buy in the near future. What’s more surprising is that initially we thought the device would only be available overseas. Now that it looks like the Nexus S is headed for T-Mobile, anyone regretting their T-Mobile G2 or MyTouch 4G purchase? I’m not in the least bit, as G2 and MyTouch 4G users will get some Gingerbread loving shortly after the SDK is released, whenever that may be.

[Via: AndroidCommunity, SlashGear]

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