Sprint WiMax launching in Los Angeles December 1

My lovely home town, Los Angeles, is going to be covered with Sprint WiMax goodness by December 1. So to all my friends and family back home, I say, “Awesome!” While most Angelenos are probably seeing pockets of WiMax coverage here and there already, the official launch should see more stable and perhaps wider coverage zones.

Here in New York City, we’d been seeing WiMax in most of the boroughs leading up to the official launch on November 1, so we’d expect the same sort of business for L.A. in just a few weeks. If you live in L.A. and you haven’t seen your 4G icon light up whenever you turn that particular radio on, you may see it close to or on that day. You’ll also be able to expect anywhere between 3-9Mbps download speeds on average depending on where you are, but it’s certainly much faster than what you’ve been getting over Sprint’s EV-DO network.

[Via Sprint Twitter, photo credit]

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