Rovio: Expect something “a bit different” for Christmas

On the heels of the recently launched Angry Birds Halloween edition, Rovio used Twitter to talk about its plans for Christmas. “Talk” is actually not the right word as all they wanted to do is tease us, so we could talk about them (in which they succeeded, needless to say).

The mobile game developer tweeted we should expect something “a bit different” for the Holiday season, without going into any details. We can only hope whatever Rovio is currently working on will be as fan and entertaining as the original Angry Birds title was when it was initially released.

In the other news from their Twitter account, we read there won’t be a Thanksgiving-based Angry Birds, though adding some kind of a turkey to the mix could be cool. Moreover, Rovio said it is “looking into” Windows 7 support, but has “nothing to announce quite yet.”

Finally, they talk about the soon to be launched Mighty Eagle feature that would let players bypass any level by paying few real-world dimes to the giant bird.

Glad to hear Rovio is not resting on its laurels. 😉


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