How To: Request a Refund on any iPhone App

Apple App Store

Apple App Store

Ever download an app for your iPhone that was… well… just plain crap? Sure, we all have. Speaking from experience, I’ve gone through many a crappy app, and I end up grumbling to myself things like ‘piece of #$*!’, ‘I can’t believe I paid for this’, or ‘I want my money back’.

Wait… I want my money back?… is that even possible? Guess what folks, it sure is.

While reading a very informative post over at OSX Daily the other day, I stumbled across a very easy way you can request a refund for that under-developed and money-UNworthy app. Simply do as follows:

  1. Launch iTunes
  2. Click the iTunes Store
  3. Login to your iTunes account
  4. Click on your email address in the upper right corner
  5. Click on ‘purchase history’
  6. Select the app you’d like a refund for
  7. Click ‘report a problem’
  8. Fill out the form detailing your grief and issues with the app

That’s about it. If this method garners no refund for you, you can always use Apple’s web form. Both methods are worth a shot, especially if your gripe is with a ‘premium’ app of $9.99 or more. Just remember to keep your refund request reasonable. Try not to input reasons like ‘this app sucks’. You’ll be denied. Provide valid reasons for your request, and in the end I think you’ll find some success. Performance issues and buggy gameplay are definitely solid reasons you can (and should) site in your request.

For what it’s worth, Apple considers all sales final, so you are up against a bit of a wall here. Apple does have final say, but if you provide sound reasoning, you know, something like ‘this app crashes every time I open it’… you may be surprised at the end result. Refunds aren’t the norm, but they have been known to be given.

Note: It goes without saying this same process works for any iOS powered device. For iPad and iPod Touch apps, go ahead and follow the same process.

  • Terrance Knox

    That seems like a lot to do for an refund. Under Android you simply click uninstall with then 24 hours.

    • traxor

      Why would they want to make it that easy? Some people want a refund for reasons that aren’t good enough to deserve a refund like “I didn’t like it.” Whereas, “the application was sold as a text editor but was just a picture of a moose” is a better reason and requires a certain level of filtering.

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow, this is indeed good to know. Wow.

  • Tyler

    Why is “I don’t like it” good enough for a refund? If I bought a shirt from Wal-Mart, I have every right to return it within a reasonable timeframe for ANY Reason; it’s defective, it’s the wrong size, or I don’t like it.

  • Mosse

    it’s called “customer service” and encourages app developers to produce good apps (or else people will refund them).
    Btw, you can only refund an app once, afterwards the sale is final.

    • Guest

      Wait, what? you can only refund one app your entire life? Or is it if you try to refund it, but they dont then its final?

      • Raja Texsas

        Oh really…we can get refund ah….

  • Jonn

    its only a one time deal to refund. so choose wisely!

  • Jonn

    its only a one time deal to refund. so choose wisely!

  • None

    Or just move to Android. We have 24 hours “No Questions Asked” refund policy.

  • None

    Or just move to Android. We have 24 hours “No Questions Asked” refund policy.

  • Mike Mazur

    Hmmmm… I have an app that sucks, has little content(that’s bad in the first place), has terrible music remixes(it’s a music game), you have to buy more songs($.99 for a song!), and the developer has neglected it entirely since it came out. Maybe those are good reasons. It’s worth a try.

    • Troy D

      this is going to be bad for app developers.

      a lot of apps only keep your interest for a few days

    • Joeblow

      I think I have that same one.

  • Matt Scobel

    As an added bonus, iTunes doesn’t erase your app purchase from the system. So you’ll be able to re-download or update the app as long as it exists.

  • Anonymous

    If you ask for a refund and you get it, are you required to remove the app? Can I buy an app and request a refund, get it, and still be able to keep the app? I think that would be completely dishonest.

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