Damn You Autocorrect Showcases Hilarious iPhone Texts

A new site launched a few weeks ago called Damn You Auto Correct which showcases screenshots from poorly-worded text conversations, usually from an iPhone. Often on-screen keyboards will predict the wrong word that someone is trying to type, and speedy texters have a bad habit of hitting Send before reading it over. Damn You Autocorrect takes in submissions from folks who have been in particularly hilarious conversations resulting from these mistakes.

Say whatever you like about being just as accurate on a virtual keyboard as a real one, but situations like these are exactly why I personally opt for a real QWERTY keyboard on my cell phones. Yeah, there are some cool alternatives, like Swype, but they still fundamentally rely on some kind of prediction engine and as nice user-generated dictionaries are, they can just as easily confuse prediction further.

As far as mobile-related humour sites go, this goes right up there with Texts from Last Night. If you’ve got some time to kill, head on over to Damn You Autocorrect and start chewing through the archives – there are some goodies in there.

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