Evernote for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad updated with iOS 4.2 support, image multi-select, audio note improvements and more

Evernote has issued another update to its iOS application, further making it the note taking app of choice for many iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. Here’s what’s new:

  • Support for iOS 4.2, which is mostly important for iPad users as they’ll finally get multi-tasking.
  • Image multi-select, allowing users to include more than a single image (up to 5) at once in their notes. Very, very handy and something that should’ve been included long time ago — but alas, we forgive you Evernote. You can either assign multiple images into a single note or spread them across more notes.
  • Support for long audio notes – up to 90 minutes. In other words, you can record pretty much whole conference keynotes with your iDevice and beam them straight to your Evernote cloud.
  • Audio playback control is improved allowing for audio files to be played from within a note, without launching Quicktime. Moreover, there’s the option to control Evernote audio from the dock player as well as peripherals such as headphones and car audio kits.
  • Ability to send files from other apps into Evernote – iOS 4.2 is required, again. Evernote is now registered for PDF, TXT, WAV, MP3, HTML and several other file types. Inside Safari, you can open PDF and TXT files and send them to Evernote, too.
  • Printing from Evernote – again one more “iOS 4.2” thing. In order for this to work, your Mac (what about PC?) should run the latest version of OS X with AirPrint configured, and there needs to be an AirPrint-compatible printer on the network.

In addition, there are quite a few under the hood improvements and bug fixes that further enhance the Evernote experience…

Evernote (FREE) [iTunes link]

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