Get Your Mutant Bash on as RAGE HD Releases Today on iOS

If you were impressed with the 60 fps (frames per second) RAGE demo and were intrigued to hear about the first details of Mutant Bash TV, then you’ll be happy to know id Software has just released the first RAGE game for the iPhone and iPad this morning.

RAGE HD has you playing as the star of a post-apocalyptic game show called “Mutant Bash TV.” During your time in Mutant Bash TV, you’ll come across a number of hungry mutants while scavenging three levels, the mutant-infested Tenements, the lunatic-ridden Asylum, and the not so abandoned Bunker, for ammo and Bash Bux. Bash Bux are Mutant Bash TV’s currency and is used to increase your performance. Each of the three levels included in RAGE HD offer four degrees of difficulty and the game encourages you to replay levels in order to beat your top score.

As the name implies, RAGE HD offers high resolution graphics that will take advantage of both the iPad and the iPhone 4’s Retina Display. The graphics look crisp and well defined, but does id Software have the ability to rival Epic Games’ Unreal Technology which was used in their widely popular tech demo, Epic Citadel, and which is also being used to power Infinity Blade? There’s only one way to find out and that’s by purchasing the game which is currently selling for $1.99. There’s also a RAGE SD version available on the App Store which delivers the same experience to those of you with anything lower than an iPhone 4, but the graphics on that version take a huge hit in quality. Luckily, both the HD and SD versions of the game are universal apps, so you can take your gaming onto the iPad without spending any extra cash.

Be on the lookout for our full review of RAGE HD coming soon!

RAGE HD ($1.99) – [iTunes Link]

RAGE ($.99) – [iTunes Link]

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