Nexus One gets OTA update – No Gingerbread filling inside

Damn you Nexus One, getting all of these fancy new Android updates so frequently. Yet another OTA update is beginning to hit the device, and though it’s not Android 2.3 Gingerbread, it does contain, “important¬† bug fixes and security patches.”

As we await impatiently for the release of Gingerbread, the Nexus One is obviously the phone to look out for. If the Nexus One gets an update, then other phones will follow, even if it takes months. Since this is Android, the update has already been torn apart and there’s not much to get exited for. Even the version name has little change, as the update only adds a “D” to the end of the FRG83 name.

A brief description of what is included in the FRG83D update:

  • Updates to the core and framework JARs
  • Updates to the Dalvik VM and Webcore libraries
  • Updates to the Email, Google Services Framework and Market packages.
  • A couple of other very minor patches

You can find the update file for your Nexus One over at XDA-Devlopers, and a manual update is as easy as downloading, renaming the file to, going into recovery mode and flashing. The Nexus One I have lying around has yet to receive the update, but will likely be rolling out in batches, as they usually do. Security is important, but since this will hit your handset in due time, you may not even want to go through the manual installation. If you do, however, the file can be found below.

With Gingerbread only a few weeks away, we wouldn’t be so surprised if the Nexus One got another OTA, possibly preparing for Android 2.3. At the end of the day, we really don’t know anything and are just waiting for Google to send it out. Speculation can be only so fun for so long, and ever since hearing about some of the upcoming features in Gingerbread at Google I/O, talking about it is a little less fun when we have nothing to show for it.

Just a little longer, folks. For now you can, uh, enjoy the extra security patches and bug fixes?

Download the file here.

[Via: AndroidCentral, XDA-Developers]

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