Nokia Ovi Store Gets 3 Million Downloads per Day

Nokia announced today that they’ve hit a milestone in their mobile app marketplace, the Ovi Store. Every day, three million downloads are made through the on-device and browser-based channel. Just to put that figure into perspective, GetJar hit that number over the summer, though they sell across a bunch of platforms. The Ovi Store hit 1.5 million daily downloads back in March, a number which Apple reached in little over a year after the iPhone App Store launched. Nokia also says that they’ve had 400 000 new developers join Forum Nokia in the last year, and the Qt SDK has been downloaded 1.5 million times.

The Ovi Store is about a year and a half old now, and doesn’t seem to have done much to stem Symbian’s slow downward spiral. A healthy selection of third-party apps goes a long way to sell devices, and as such, the Ovi Store really is Nokia’s final bastion in the smartphone wars. They’ve pruned all the disparate parts of the Ovi family, so now the big challenge that remains is convincing developers to make apps for their platform rather than pouring all of their effort into iPhone or Android. That’s a tough sell, given those booming markets, but Nokia is still on top, and has a lot of breadth that should, in theory, appeal to developers who want their apps under as many thumbs as possible.

[via Nokia]

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