Doom live wallpaper available for Android

Here’s one for the once die hard Doom fans. The game that brought first person shooter genre to the mainstream now has a live wallpaper app for Android, allowing you to bring all those memories with you, no matter where you happen to be/go. The free to download wallpaper is not only cool and entertaining, but also super customizable.

For instance, you can change character size, background, number of monsters on the screen and even turn on the God mode so your guy never dies. Moreover, there’s the ability to drop powerups and med packs to the Doom guy so he can be more efficient in its beast killing activities or get a much needed energy boost.

Like this isn’t good enough already, you can additionally make your Android device a true Doom smartphone by grabbing the matching ringtones.

Want it? You know you do. Search for “doom” in the Android Market or download the wallpaper from XDA-Developer forums. The accompanying ringtones are available from here.

[Via: Engadget]

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