Foursquare blows up to 4.5 million users

Foursquare has seen some incredible growth in the past year as it went from having 100,000 users to 4.5 million, and it seems that the company is having some difficulty keeping up with the surge. Foursquare went from 5 employees to 35 during that time, and it looks like it’s expanding as quickly as it can to accommodate the service’s popularity.

Additionally, the company is getting better settled in San Francisco as it has its own space now whereas it was operating from within the Square offices as of late. So with the growth and expansion, the team is looking to hire.

It’s hard to imagine that such a small percentage of adults are using geo-location services like Foursquare when these companies are seeing this kind of growth. It’s not just Foursquare, either, as Facebook has added Places to its mobile application and photo services like Instagram are also giving users the option of tagging their location.

Congrats to the Foursquare team on its growth, and if you’re looking to become part of the action, check out the link below.

[Via: Foursquare]

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