Rovio: No Angry Birds for Windows Phone until 2011

No Angry Birds on WP7 in 2010

 No Angry Birds on WP7 in 2010

A tweet from Rovio Mobile suggests the Windows Phone version of Angry Birds will not be available until 2011. Earlier this week, Rovio hinted that it would provide information on the progress of its Windows Phone version as part of Angry Birds Day, a worldwide, fan-sponsored event slated for December 11th. Excitement was high and most fans assumed Rovio would announce the impending launch of its Windows Phone version.

Rovio tweets no Angry Birds on WP7 in 2010Windows Phone users eager to play Angry Birds will be disappointed to find out they may have to wait until 2011 to start flinging their favorite feathered creatures at a herd of pigs. Rovio tweeted that it is highly unlikely the game will launch in 2010.

This later-than-expected release is not surprising as WP7 is a new platform and Rovio has to build the game from the ground floor up for this new mobile OS. This extra ramp up time is needed as the tools and programming languages used for WP7 are much different from that of Android and iOS.

Despite not being able to ring in the New Year with a rousing games of Angry Birds, Windows Phone owners should not be disappointed. After  Microsoft’s Angry Birds false advertising faux pas, fans should be thankful that Rovio is even building a WP7 version. Armed with the knowledge that Rovio is working diligently on a WP7 version, fans can rest easy knowing that Angry Birds will be arriving at some point in the not-so-distant future.

While you wait for the beloved birds to finally make their appearance, you can bide the time with the excellent assortment of Xbox Live and non-Xbox Live games available in the Marketplace. If you need some suggestions for entertaining game titles, you can read our coverage of the top fifteen gaming titles to launch on WP7 here.

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