Gameloft Reveals New Info on Dungeon Hunter II in Behind The Scenes Video

Dungeon Hunter was one of my favorite games on the iPhone in 2009 and I am more than ecstatic to know its sequel is currently in production at Gameloft to be released… well, so far no release date has been confirmed, but I’m hoping it’ll be out in time for the holidays. Gameloft recently released a behind-the-scenes video that gives some additional information on Dungeon Hunter II.

When Gameloft began production on Dungeon Hunter II, player feedback played an integral role in the game’s development. Much of the feedback in the game’s App Store reviews and the game’s forums were taken into serious consideration for the upcoming sequel. Dungeon Hunter II will be much darker and mature than the previous game was with a higher amount of details in the game’s environments. Players will be able to explore 40 different environments with some of those being randomly generated.

In Dungeon Hunter, you were given a map that allowed players to choose where they would like to go within the Dungeon Hunter world. In Dungeon Hunter II, you’ll now be able to move from location to location without the need of the game’s map, which certainly helps in its immersion. The game will consist of three playthroughs with each playthrough’s difficulty level increasing along with new items and a raised level cap.

One of the biggest inclusions to Dungeon Hunter II is its multiplayer co-op. Players will be able to play with up to four players either via through local Wi-Fi, bluetooth, or online through either Gameloft’s Gameloft LIVE service or through Apple’s Game Center. The game adjusts its difficulty setting depending on how many players are currently playing co-op. Hopefully Gameloft allows players to import their saved characters from the single-player portion of the game into the multiplayer as I’ve experienced some developers making the terrible mistake of separating the two.

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