‘iPad is Amazing’ according to new Apple commercial

Apple iPad

A new iPad commercial by Apple highlights some of the new features of iOS 4.2, like printing and AirPlay. Couple these new features with a strong backing from Oprah and our insatiable urge to shop this holiday season and it looks like Apple might see some good numbers before the year’s end.

It’s really impressive seeing how far the iPad and iOS have come along, especially since many decried the tablet when it was announced, assuring the world that it did not need a tablet PC. But here we see it playing content on our televisions, printing stuff, being used to view videos and other rich multimedia as well as acting as an organizational tool. Of course, many of these features were sorely missing from the iPad when it was first announced, and the iOS 4.2 update certainly made the Apple tablet feel more complete. iPhone users had been waiting for quite some time to make their iPads feel a little less antiquated.

Although the Samsung Galaxy Tab showed some decent early sales, it begins to seem more and more like Apple really has the tablet market cornered with the iPad. As Android Gingerbread tablets start hitting next year, it will be interesting to see just how they will fare against the iPad and iOS, which will probably already be on its second iteration by that point.

Like Oprah, I most certainly love the iPad, but there is one little thing that bugs me about this commercial: the way it’s being held. I understand the idea is to showcase the screen and what the tablet can do, but come on. I can’t hold the iPad in landscape or portrait mode at the very corner and expect to use it that way for more than a few minutes.

To see the ad, visit the Apple page down below.

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