Ben the Bodyguard App Coming Soon to Protect Your iPhone

Ben the Bodyguard

Ben the Bodyguard

I came across what has to be the most imaginative and creative iPhone app teaser site, ever. In fact, TUAW put it best earlier today via their Twitter feed:

Strong contender for best app teaser site of. all. time.

I concur. When you have a minute, head on over to and see for yourself. The teaser site is for an iOS data encryption/protection utility. I suspect you’ll be able to enter your passwords, credit card info, and any other ‘sensitive’ data you want hidden from the world at-large. If the application is half as good as the teaser site, I think we’ll have a winner.

When you get to the site, be sure to scroll down. ‘Ben’ the bodyguard appears to be walking down a poorly lit street, talking to you along the way. At the end of your walk with Ben you’ll be invited to sign up for notification, so that you’ll know when the app is ready.

I’m hooked. I want the app already. Go ahead and check it for yourself at… but be careful, it’s dangerous out there.

[Via: @TUAW]

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