Friendly iPad Facebook app goes free

Friendly for Facebook iPad app goes free
Friendly for Facebook iPad app goes free

If you’re looking to get a good Facebook fix on the Apple iPad, you can scale up the iPhone app or use the Safari browser, but there’s no iPad app from the world’s largest social network. That’s why Friendly has been very successful selling a Facebook browser program and the company has just made its program free.

The Friendly for Facebook app used to be only available for about a dollar and you can still get the premium version for a buck but I’ve found the free version to be more than fine, especially if you don’t mind a few banner ads at the bottom.

The app optimizes the social network for the large Apple iPad screen and it includes support for multiple accounts, Facebook chat, uploading and downloading photos and you’ll be able to customize the colors and font sizes. The app can be downloaded here from iTunes.

“We’re excited to now make Friendly for Facebook free to everyone who wants to really enjoy their iPad and Facebook in the best experience possible. We’re thankful for the support and feedback that our users have provided us, and we’re committed to continuing to extend the features and capabilities in lock-step with the iPad’s enhancements so that our users get the absolute best experience browsing and interacting with our apps on their mobile devices,” said Stephane Philipakis, Co-founder and President of Oecoway, the maker of the program.

So, when can we expect an official iPad app from the world’s largest social network? I wouldn’t hold my breath, as Facebook CEO recently said the iPad isn’t mobile, so there isn’t a priority to create a dedicated program.

I guess that makes some sense, as the site does come up pretty well in the Safari browser but the success of Friendly does show that there is demand for a standalone program.

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