Giveaway: Angry Birds Seasons for iPhone & iPad – We have iTunes codes!

We all know by now that Angry Birds is a huge success in mobile gaming as it has completely hypnotized players with its overall simplicity. Thanks to those wily and creative pigs, and masonry-destroying birds (honestly, who knew pigs were capable of building all of those levels?!), Angry Birds has sold millions as well as producing $1 million a month in ad revenue alone. Still, we know there are still a handful of you out there that haven’t yet dipped your cup into the Angry Birds Kool-Aid, so we’re here to be your digital video game crack dealer. We’re giving away free Angry Birds Seasons game codes for iPhone and iPad!

We have 4 codes for Angry Birds Seasons on both the iPhone and iPad. If you want to enter for your chance to win one, here are the rules:

  • Leave a comment below:
    Start off your comment with which version of Angry Birds Seasons you’re gunning for (iPad or iPhone). Tell us why you wish you had a real Angry Bird around. Here’s an example just to make sure you get it right: “iPhone – There was a time where there was a wild pig running around my backyard. This would have been a perfect moment to have an Angry Bird with me to take him out!”
  • Bonus Entry #1:
    We’re allowing you guys to have a bonus entry into the giveaway through Twitter and Facebook. All you needs to do is retweet the following message and we’ll give you a bonus entry: RT @IntoMobile I’m entering to win a copy of Angry Birds Seasons, you should too! –
  • Bonus Entry #2:
    Like us on Facebook
    and leave a comment on our Facebook wall, and you’ll get yet another chance to win!

This giveaway will end on 12/12/2010 at 11:59pm PST. The winners will be chosen at random through their valid entry and will be notified by email on 12/13/2010.

  • Add 201

    iphone / ipad :: Done with Trial versions on both the devices. Need more ANGRY BIRDS 🙂

  • iPhone – So I can tell it to attack my boss!

  • Daniel Sakha

    for the iphone please. this would be a good time to have an angry bird to scare off my math teacher. 🙂

  • Immortal164

    for the iphone please. this would be a good time to have an angry bird to scare off my math teacher. 🙂

  • I want it

  • jerry

    iPhone please.

    I once had a girl
    Or should I say, she once had me
    She showed me her room
    Isn’t it good Norwegian wood?

    She asked my to stay and told me sit anywhere
    So I looked around and I noticed there wasn’t a chair

    I sat on a rug, biding my time
    Drinking her wine
    We talked until two, and then she said:
    “It’s time for bed,”

    She told me she worked in the morning and started to laugh
    I told her I didn’t, and crawled off to sleep in the bath

    And when I awoke, I was alone
    This bird has flown
    So I lit a fire
    Isn’t it good Norwegian wood?

  • Angry_Cat

    iPad — I need a companion for my cat that could actually NOT be bullied (like so many have been in the past).

  • Bellagreen

    i want it …for iphone plesae

  • Toto

    iPhone please – The helmet pigs look like my sister.

  • iPhone – My grandpa was in Texas visiting his sister and a wild pig decided it was time to maul the dog. Having all of the Angry Birds arsenal around would have been simply amazing for that situation. And maybe some bricks to crash down on it too.

  • Anonymous

    iPhone – I wish I had a real Angry Bird around when I’m out for a walk around the neighborhood with my triplets and there is a car driving way to fast for the neighbohood the Angry Bird could smash through the winshield.

  • dodgecity

    iPhone please: When my neighbour nicks my parking space in front of my house, I wish I had one (or several) angry bird to lob at it.

  • Dkhalyapin

    iPhone – I’ve never seen this game 🙂

  • Smart_personal

    iPhone: i need to play this game so i can stay out of trouble…

  • YAY

    iPhone: i need to play this game so i can stay out of trouble…

  • Bunny

    I’m so angry just as birds! iPhone please.

  • Jinsweep

    iPhone – A hungry bird is an Angry Bird!

  • iPhone – An angry bird would be really useful to take down that multi-level creepy-looking snowman that those pesky kids next door are building. Lol, I’m kidding.

  • Need the iPhone version for my iPod touch.

  • Jami

    iPhone – Sometimes you just want to throw a bird through a wall.



  • DJ

    iPhone–I’m an Angry Birds addict! I’m frequenty in NYC, and when someone steals my cab, I have to admit I wish I had an angry bird and a slingshot. Twitter: @DVLTweet

  • Indiraider+contest

    iPhone – I would like to use my angry bird to take out the annoying professor that gave me a hard final.

  • iPad- So I’m currently in the deserts of dubai “I actually live in dubai the city that is”-“story continued”…. with my Bedouin friends, its winter time meaning its a dry cold 🙂 &^%$ season excuse the symbols the sounds of swine has me agitated at this moment >:0. So its a nice time to camp out and listen to tales while drink chi “tea” as we usually do on the weekends when university is done for the week. The camels are still, hunting falcons asleep, owls hooting…. I decide to lay my ipad down on the sand as I go to get a cup tea, suddenly I notice the sound of a pig getting closer only to turn around and’s webpage is open on my ipad and my submission is not complete for the angry birds seasons giveaway, I see the pig running away with my ipad and its 11:59pm 12/12/2010 only one thing will fix this problem and thats one angry bird, Intomobile send one code to the desert region so I can complete this story…….. signed by awaiting an Angry Birds Seasons in dubai.

  • Loltroller757

    iPhone-I would want an angry bird just so my cat could feel what it Is like with the Roles reversed.

  • Makonna

    iphone – I wish I had an Angry bird everytime I see a parent brow beating their kids on an off day at gymnastics. Not everyone wakes up perkie. Don’t expect too much from a 3 year old.

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