NOOKcolor gains full Android Market access, courtesy of hacks

If turning your NOOKcolor into a full-fledged Android tablet just wasn’t enough for you, then maybe gaining access to the Android Market may do the trick. Yes, the e-book reader turned tablet now has access to over 100,000 applications, but be ready to work for it.

As we had said prior to installing Froyo on your NOOKcolor, this isn’t for the faint of heart and you may end up killing the device altogether. If the first warning didn’t faze you, then go right ahead and try getting the Market on this thing. You need to be rooted, have ADB (Android Debug Bridge) set up correctly, and a Gmail account in order to get your Market on.

Gaining the Android Market on the NOOKcolor makes it an absolute beast of a tablet, when once it was just a plain old color e-book reader. Keep in mind, while the process is rather difficult for the untrained, all the hard work may not actually pay off. Some say that they have only successfully been able to get Market access after wiping the entire device clean and starting from a factory reset, unrooted device. After you do get the Market running, you’ll have to go in and edit the build.prop of the device so paid applications will show up. As much as I’d be excited for this, I’d try to wait and see if a more elegant solution pops up in the future.

To the rest of you who think they have what it takes, feel free to hit up the link below to give your NOOKcolor something else to be proud of. Be sure to thank all of the awesome developers who have made these hacks and mods possible for this otherwise useless (in retrospect) e-book reader! Who’s ready to get their hack on?

[Via: AndroidCentral, NookDevs]

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