Tru launches its local rate-local number service in Australia

Tru, which we used to know as Truphone, has expanded its local rates and local number proposition to Australia. As a result, customers of Tru’s GSM service in the UK and US will be paying only local rates instead of roaming rates for all calls and texts to and within Australia, as well as local data rates when roaming within the country.

Tru now offers three local mobile numbers for the UK, US and Australia on one SIM card, which as you can imagine saves customers a ton of cash.

Tru Pre-Pay local rates in Australia are as follows:

  • Calls within Australia – 25 cents/minute
  • Calls back home to the US – 17 cents/minute for calling mobile or landline
  • Data Usage – $0.10 cents/MB (this can be a real saver when compared to using mobile data in roaming)

And for those countries where Tru does not have operator agreements, the company is offering competitive roaming charges… Additional details are available from Tru’s website.

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