Waze teams-up with Santa for turn-by-turn navigation!

Waze, the popular social GPS application/service, announced what they call a “revolutionary partnership with Santa Claus.” As a result, throughout the holiday season, Santa’s jolly voice will be providing turn-by-turn directions to all wazers. To switch the voice, go to Settings > General > Prompts > English (Santa) and you’re ready to go. There’s also the French speaking Santa available, but I doubt many of you will opt for that option.

And that’s not all. The “partnership” between Waze and the “world’s leading giver and deliverer of gifts” extends to a game in which Waze serves some holiday-themed road goodies that once collected get you extra points. For instance, snowflakes are worth 2 points, candy canes – 10 points, and the rarest of the rare – santa hats worth a whopping 100 points each!

Waze is available on a number of platforms, including iPhone (iOS), Android, BlackBerry (beta), Symbian and Windows Mobile. You can download the application from Waze’s website

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