Facebook for iPhone Updated to Version 3.3.3

Facebook for iPhone Updated

Facebook for iPhone Updated

Released to the App Store earlier today for your consumption, the Facebook for iPhone app has gone to version 3.3.3. While the list of enhancements and improvements in the new release may not be stellar, many of the updates are certainly noteworthy. They are:

  • Improved reliability in chat and messages
  • Improved notifications UI
  • Fixed memory usage
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Walls you cannot post on no longer show the text field at the top
  • Restore ability to post as a page that you admin
  • Fixed group photos
  • Various Places improvements

Probably the most notable update for you all is the attention given to the frequent crash issue. If you’ve been having troubles with the app crashing from time to time… give Facebook for iPhone an update, and it may *fingers crossed* be smooth sailing yet again.

Kudos to the Facebook team for yet another solid update… However, I’m still waiting on an official iPad app. C’mon guys, please tell me a new version for iPad is coming soon?

If you’re already a user of Facebook for iPhone, simply check your updates panel within the App Store. Click the install link and you’re off to the races. If you’ve never installed before, hit up the iTunes link below to get started.

Facebook for iPhone (Free) [iTunes link]

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