Best Buy bundles iPad with free MiFi from Verizon, Sprint or AT&T

Best Buy is offering a sweet deal on the iPad for the holidays by throwing in a free MiFi or mobile hotspot from your carrier of choice (excluding T-Mobile). With the bundles, you’ll be getting a Wi-Fi only iPad at its listed price, but the MiFi will get thrown in free with a two-year contract. It’s not too bad considering the price of these mobile hotspots, most of which allow you to get five users logged in at once, can get up to $130. It’s definitely more than just modest savings when they cost 20% of the total cost of the lowest capacity iPad.

Of course, you’ll have to factor in that two-year contract. If you sign up for a MiFi contract, you’ll be forking over roughly $60 per month for your data plan. However, if you buy a Wi-Fi + 3G model iPad from AT&T and sign up for the $25 monthly data plan – though you will have to mind the 2GB limit – you’ll be saving a few hundred dollars over the course of the contract. Then again, you could fork over $130 for a Virgin Mobile MiFi and get unlimited data each month for just $40. Shop wisely!

[Via: 9to5Mac]

  • There are definitely deals to be had this holiday season! Manufacturers are making it even more desirable to buy these items by luring us in with extras!

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