Official: Infinity Blade Update Ready for Download

Infinity Blade Updated for iOS

Infinity Blade Updated for iOS

Remember that Infinity Blade update I was telling you about last week? Well, it’s here! That’s right, if you crack open the App Store, and flick through your updates tab, an updated version of Infinity Blade should be waiting for your install. For real.

The update is dubbed ‘content pack #1’ by the developers, and key features include:

  • Five new swords, five new shields, one new set of armour, and five new helmets. There’s even a santa-themed ‘Holiday Helm’.
  • The maximum character level has been raised to 45 (from 40)
  • A new enemy is now part of the game. The ‘Marrow Fiend’ is big and bad, and devours its victims, removing their bones for blade and shield material. Nice.
  • In-app purchasing. You can now buy extra gold from within the app. If you need to load up with new weaponry and armor, and you’re not afraid to open your own wallet… now you can buy your way to success. Sort of.
  • New audio option lets you listen to your own music within the game.

Of course, there’s the usual batch of bug fixes and stability enhancements built-in as well. I welcome these more than anything else, as I’ve had quite a few issues with Infinity Blade crashing on my iPad. Looking forward to some uninterrupted gameplay in the days ahead 🙂

I’ve just finished installing the update… have you?

Note: The update is a free one for those that have already purchased the game. After you run the update, be sure to let me know if you notice anything extremely newsworthy other than the new weapons, gear, and in-app gold purchasing. Should be good stuff!

If you don’t have a copy, you can grab yours via the link below. C’mon, go get it! Get it now!

Infinity Blade ($5.99) [iTunes link]

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