SayHey for iPhone makes it easy to FaceTime with your Facebook friends

Remember Faceplant, that FaceTime buddy list app we covered in July? Although it sounded great, it was never approved by Apple. So how on Earth are you going to find folks to FaceTime with? How about on Facebook? That sounds like a plan, if only there was some solution that could automate this “process.”

Enter SayHey. The free to download application constructs a FaceTime buddy list from your Facebook friends, telling you who’s on WiFi and wanting to chat. It’s that easy – simply start the app, browse through the list and pick a contact you want to video chat with. Dressing-up is not required, but it’s a good practice to look decently while (video) talking to people, right? 😉

You can grab SayHey from a link below.

And if you’re really addicted to “FaceTiming,” you may also want to consider downloading FaceDial, which is a free and super-easy to use FaceTime photo dialer app. Its AppStore link is below, as well.

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