Motorola buys Zecter to boost personal cloud

Motorola just acquired Zecter and the personal-cloud storage company could lead to a noticeable boost for the MotoBlur service.

Zecter’s main products were ZumoDrive and ZumoCast, which were both personal cloud service. ZumoDrive was very similar to Dropbox in that you could access your data on the go from multiple devices and ZumoCast is a personal media streamer. While many companies are doing cloud storage and streaming, the Zecter claim to fame is a virtual file system which easily integrates into whatever device you’re using.

“Consumers want seamless access to their content and media from wherever they are, while content providers want to ensure that content remains protected and secure,” said Christy Wyatt, corporate vice president of software and services, Motorola Mobility in a prepared statement. “We believe that Zecter enables that seamless experience with the necessary security measures, and we are delighted to be able to work with this team.”

“Zecter’s robust team brings multi-platform expertise along with compelling solutions for continuous digital media access across multiple platforms. Zecter is an exciting addition to our MotoBlur service platform and we welcome their highly skilled personnel to the Motorola Mobility team,” said Wyatt

The MotoBlur user interface and service debuted with the Cliq and it aimed to bring quick access to social networks, news readers and other online services. There are at least three million users with MotoBlur devices – a version of it is on the Droid X, Charm, BackFlip, and others – but it has taken a critical beating.

Our own Blake says MotoBlur makes Motorola phones look like kids’ toys and he was very happy when he heard CEO Sanjay Jha say it would stop focusing on the MotoBlur brand name and just add features to it. If the Zecter services are properly implemented over the coming months and years, MotoBlur may actually become a killer feature on Android phones.

[Via Motorola]

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