Skyfire for the iPad has been approved!

A few days ago we were told that Skyfire, the ever so popular app that chews up Flash and spits it out in iPhone-friendly form, would be coming to the iPad. While we waited anxiously for the browser to become available for the Apple tablet, we got a taste of what was to come with a  few screen shots and details of what would be included – like Facebook, Twitter and Google integration. Today, the iPad version of Skyfire has been approved and will be available in the iTunes App Store starting 5PM Pacific.

Here are some of the things you can expect from the new app:

  • Video –The “Video” icon enables you to play millions of videos designed for Flash Player that otherwise don’t play on iOS devices. This unlocks content typically trapped behind error messages, question marks and blue Legos, by transcoding the Flash Video content into Apple-approved formats on Skyfire’s servers.
  • Facebook and Twitter QuickView – Get instant access to your News Feed, profile, friends, inbox, events and Places.
  • Google Reader – As with Facebook Quickview, Google Reader keeps you logged into Google with one-touch access to Gmail, Buzz, and RSS

There is a whole lot more, but I’ve got my eyes on Google Reader, which I use daily. Having that easily accessible and integrated is going to be great.

For more details on Skyfire for the iPad, check out the press release on the following page, but first check out the video below.

  • Bbjarrod

    First 4 sites video still does not work.

    Choppy too.

    I think I wasted $5.


  • Amy Day

    I just bought this and it is seriously not worth the trouble.
    get Snowblaze HD for the iPad instead if you want to watch flash videos, without having to wait for it to load. its so much better.

  • Anonymous

    Well i use iBitfire. its mutch cheaper and does the same trick. include megavideo and vimeo support

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