Video of the Day: My BlackBerry Is Not Working!

Ronnie Corbett

As a kid, I can remember watching episodes of ‘The Two Ronnies’ on the CBC. It was a British comedy, and I loved the darn thing (this perhaps explains my love of British humor to this day). The show featured ridiculous sketches by two very funny men, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett. Ronnie Barker passed away back in 2005, but Mr. Corbett must still be alive with comedy flowing through the veins, as you’ll see in the video above. In a preview of ‘The One Ronnie’ show (BBC), he puts together what is a very funny take on today’s tech problems. Don’t you hate it when your BlackBerry stops working? Hit play on the video above, and enjoy 🙂

Thanks to CrackBerry, and in particular Isaac Kendall for spotting this one!

Ronnie Corbett

  • Bluewolf529

    very funny

  • Qq

    He hasn’t aged one bit in 35 years!

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