First video of CyanogenMod 7 on T-Mobile G2 – Not ready for prime time

Ever since the Android 2.3 Gingerbread SDK was released just a few short weeks ago, many an Android geek has been looking forward to what Cyanogen and his team are cooking up for the Gingerbread-flavored CyanogenMod 7. Well, it looks like the very first of the CM7 ROMs has been found, bearing the name RC0 (meaning that it’s not really worth your time now) and we’ve got a video to show you some of the things to expect.

First of all, the ROM itself is much more Gingerbread than it is CyanogenMod, as there are no CM settings or any of the tweaks we all know and love. Some apps are still broken, and there are bugs throughout the ROM, so we’d advise against installing this if you’re thinking it’ll be stable enough to use on the daily. Still, it’s obvious that Cyanogen and his team has been hard at work, and judging by what is working with the ROM, they probably haven’t slept in a while.

PocketNow posted a video, showing off the ROM in action so you don’t have to install it yourself. Go right ahead and install the ROM if you have no qualms about having to eventually flash back to your previous ROM, but we’d suggest you wait until the CyanogenMod 7 “RC1” is released and stable before diving in.

The Nexus One will definitely be getting some CM7 love soon, but it’s nice to know that Cyanogen himself carries a G2, so it may indeed be the first to see an official release candidate. Who knows, though, but I’m sure some G2 users are excited to see Gingerbread already running on their device. I know I am.

The fact that CyanogenMod 7 is almost ready to hit RC1 status actually makes me excited for Gingerbread. I initially wasn’t too impressed with Android 2.3, or the Nexus S for that matter, but CM in itself brings a whole new set of features that you otherwise would not have access to with a stock Gingerbread ROM.

Keep in mind this isn’t official in any way, and Cyanogen himself posted the following on the XDA thread,

Also a BIG FAT WARNING for anyone going into CM7-land.. We are using EXT4 now, and it doesn’t exactly play nice with the current release of Clockwork Recovery. Don’t be surprised if you can’t do backups, restores, or even flash anything at all afterwards. If you build it yourself it will spew out a version that works with ext4 (and only ext4, there’s no interchangeable solution yet). Don’t even think of bothering Koush about it

So there you have it, we suggest you don’t touch this yet, and if you do, you’ve been thoroughly warned.

For now, just sit back and enjoy the video below:

[Via: PocketNow]

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