Skype video calling hitting iPhone 4 and other platforms next year?

When the iPhone 4 was released and a front-facing camera was announced, I became excited for Skype video calls. Unfortunately, video calling was limited to FaceTime only. And even that was limited to Wi-Fi, too. Of course, there are other apps that allow you to make video calls over 3G, but they’re totally craptastic. Even FaceTime sucks over 3G when you do a little jailbreaking to get that to work. Will Skype be any different?

It’s hard to say whether the popular messaging and telephony service will be an improvement, but I do know that it will be huge in a way that FaceTime could never be. After all, you’ll be able to chat with your family and friends across other devices and possibly platforms.

Skype has also been making a big deal about what it will be showing off at CES, so we can expect some major announcements from the company in just a few days. Also, according to Engadget:

Oh, and here’s a little trivia fact for you: the Nokia N900 was actually the first device to get official video calling support from Skype, so this isn’t a first for these guys — but it’ll certainly be the first time they’ve taken it to a mass market. Seems like they’ll probably have the MeeGo build ready to go, at least.

It seems like it’s only a matter of time before we find Skype video calling on the iPhone 4 and perhaps even Android devices, too. Hopefully we’ll soon find out!

[Via: Engadget]

  • This will be great!

  • Vinny

    Not all apps that do video calls on 3G suck.
    Tango video Calls Works! And the video quality if perfectly fine too.

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