T-Mobile pokes fun of iPhone 4, FaceTime and Wi-Fi limitation

T-Mobile is always cracking me up. In a recent commercial, the carrier pokes fun at the iPhone 4 and AT&T. Apparently, FaceTime – a video calling feature available only on the iPhone 4 – can’t be fully supported by AT&T’s network, hence its Wi-Fi only limitation. Fair enough, but wasn’t T-Mobile the one whining last month about the lack of the iPhone and how much it was hurting its sales?

At any rate, the message is clear and true. FaceTime, as nice a feature as it is, is limited to Wi-Fi only unless your iPhone 4 is jailbroken and you’re using an app that tricks your phone into thinking it’s on Wi-Fi when it’s really on 3G. If you move beyond your Wi-Fi router’s reach, it’s over.

While that’s nice and all, consumers ought to know that video calling over 3G totally sucks, too. Or, excuse me, “4G.” In my experience, calls over HSPA+ or WiMax are still piss poor. Your friends and family look pixelated, and they sometimes sound a little robotic, too. I guess the message here is that you’re able to make video calls – no matter how craptacular they are – over T-Mobile’s network.

Check out the video for yourself!

  • I wonder how many people actually use video chat? I don’t think I’ve ever turned on my Epic’s front facing camera.

    • Its true^^ but i mean having the option is still kinda great

    • Anonymous

      I’ve only used video chat about three or four times. Texting or calling is easier.

  • xraytedjim

    Who cares.. the chick is hot.

  • coolToBeUnaccountable

    totally sucks, piss poor, craptacular

    Sad……….Thank God for freedom of speech! More proof of the dumbification of America.

  • Yoga Eh

    I sense an iFanboy getting butt-hurt by reality. lol.

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