• Anonymous

    No, its jus a cheap ass Samsung Epic with 2.3 and no keyboard and no 4G.

  • Anonymous

    No, its jus a cheap ass Samsung Epic with 2.3 and no keyboard and no 4G.

    • MSJ

      Did you say keyboard? Dude GET A BLACK BERRY!!! lol…

  • http://twitter.com/DrBaconator Drox

    The Nexus S will receive HD recording in an update like the N1 did. If the Galaxy S line of phones can so will it be able to record in HD. The no 4G doesn’t even matter!
    In terms of no 4G, it really isn’t a big deal at all. I’ll tell you why. I really hope people would stop listing it as an issue, or a reason not to get a Nexus S.

    As of right now you’ll see the same speeds on a Nexus S as you would on a “4G” G2 or MT4G on T-Mo’s “4G network”. The Nexus S is able to take advantage of the increased speeds on T-Mobiles networks where HSPA+ has been deployed. The Nexus S’ radio supports a max download speed of 7.2 Mbps while the G2 and MT4G have 14.4Mbps radios. That 14.4Mbps radio is what T-Mobile refers to as a “4G” capable phone.

    The difference in radio speed doesn’t really come into play in current real world situations. The fastest network speeds I have found in my area (L.A.) has been a little above 5Mbps down and close to 2Mbps up. I’m able to get those speeds on both a G2 (4G HSPA+ phone) and the Nexus S.

    So, for now, you’re going to get the same speeds with the Nexus S as you would with a “4G” HSPA+ phone on T-Mobiles network. At least until they increase the network speeds again. When that happens, the “4G” HSPA+ devices will be in better shape because they’ll be able to take advantage of that added bandwidth. However, right now all that is irrelevant.

    My Nexus S is 4G Hell, when all the carriers call their networks 4G when they aren’t……why shouldn’t we all just say that the Nexus S is a “4G” phone. After all, it can handle the full capacity of the current “4G” network…..So doesn’t that make it a “4G” device??

    I apologize for going on about this issue, but I’m kinda sick of hearing so many people point out this “lack of 4G” and complain like a little girl. I’m perfectly happy with 5-6Mbps downloads on the cell network until I get my next device in a year or so.

  • Cybergrace

    With this new Gingerbread OS can we tether our laptops for free? Is there any software for Android that really does this? I don’t want to hack the phone, just want to know if there is a way to do this legally. Thanks.

  • Amit Rathi

    this phone is really very nice phone.

  • http://coversnook.com LazyMonday

    i love curve style, ss work very well on design. may be they learn a lot from apple ^^

  • streaky

    This looks and feels much more like the Samsung Focus ( Windows Phone 7) than the Galaxy. Design is almost identical… but Windows Phone 7 has 720p video capture and a microSD slot… very odd Samsung would leave those two out since they share the same screen/case/etc…

  • Sidewinder

    i’m gonna get my phone shipped to my country of residence and THIS ARTICLE is perhaps the most exhaustive and precise i have read till date on the web. nobody ever took the pains to run benchmarks on the NS. engadget is whining like a sissy. hope they come here and read….
    thanks Will. pls keep up the good work.
    im gonna bookmark this site for more such great articles.

  • Brian

    HSPA+ isn’t 4G, it is 3G.

  • Brian

    HSPA+ isn’t 4G, it is 3G.

  • Brian

    But does the GPS actually work, unlike on other Samsung devices? That would be a deal breaker for me. I saw a head to head video on YouTube that showed the HTC Evo navigating nearly instantaneously while the Nexus S was still stuck searching for GPS for nearly a minute.

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