Ubitus demos its cloud gaming technology on DOCOMO’s LTE network

LTE-enabled, mobile cloud-based gaming is coming. A company called Ubitus has recently demonstrated its GameCloud solution on DOCOMO’s LTE network and it looks promising. Basically the idea is that users with any handheld device, smartphone included, will be able to play high-end games. All the heavy stuff is processed on servers (in the cloud) returning users an optimized graphics that can be played on his or her mobile phone, tablet or some other connected device. In other words, those awesome lookin’ first-person shooter titles are coming to a mobile phone near you.

Here’s more on how it works (from the press release):

The enhanced streaming protocol allows mobile devices with a thin client to interactively control the application/game remotely through a dynamically-rendered control User Interface. Under the LTE network, the Ubitus GameCloud can work smoothly with minimum latency by reducing server multimedia and device processing time and increasing the concurrency rate on each serve, and therefore, reduce the operational cost significantly to achieve economy of scope. The scalable architecture allows easy deployment on wired and wireless networks and effortless integration with any billing systems.

Now I’ve no doubts Ubitus and its carrier partners will find tons of customers in the Land of the rising Sun, but what about the rest of the world? We can only hope mobile operators outside of Japan are thinking between the same lines…

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