NOOK Color is Barnes & Noble’s top holiday seller, Nook line biggest seller historically

Over the holiday season, it looks like Barnes & Noble enjoyed some pretty nice NOOK Color sales as it hit top of the list. Who would have guessed that folks were craving a little color and some Android power in their eReading experience? According to Barnes & Noble, the entire NOOK line is its greatest seller ever in its 40-year history. Impressive.

Of course, given the new direction that reading seems to be taking, it’s no surprise the NOOK has done so well. Its only real competition so far has been the Amazon Kindle, as well all know how annoying it can be to try reading eBooks at great length on the Apple iPad. With hundreds of thousands of titles available for the NOOK, it doesn’t seem like the device will show any signs of slowing soon.

Personally, the NOOK has been great for me. It has excellent battery life and is far more portable than the iPad (although the Apple tablet is perfect for watching movies in bed before passing out).

For more details on Barnes & Noble’s holiday triumph and overall success with the NOOK, check out the press release on the following page.

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