Android Still Has Glaring SMS Text Message Bug

Since at least June, Android handsets have been randomly misdelivering SMS text messages to other contacts, and Google still hasn’t fixed it. The problem has even been replicated on the Samsung Nexus S, which is supposed to be a shining beacon of Android purity. One person in the ongoing Google Code thread says that the issue won’t even be fixed in Gingerbread. Currently the bug is set for medium priority, which seems a little low for what should be a core function for a cell phone.

So what exactly is the problem? After poking around some of the Android code, it seems like if in the middle of typing a reply to a text message, you receive another message, the system gets confused about who you’re talking to. Even if it displays you’re talking to one person in the dialog window, messages could be sent to someone else. Those circumstances are pretty specific, but commonplace for anyone who gets a lot of texts.

I haven’t had any of these SMS delivery problems over the last couple of Android phones I’ve reviewed, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s not there. Have any of you ever had your Android handset send a text to an unintended recipient?

If you’d like to keep tabs on this problem, be sure to follow the thread at Google Code.

  • AJA

    Wow, I have owned the G1, the myTouch 3G, the Nexus One, the Galaxy S Vibrant, the Defy, the G1, the myTouch 4G, the EVO, the Droid Incredible and a Cliq or two, but I have never experienced any messaging issues such as those described here. Nor has any of the hundreds of wireless customers that I’ve supported. My guess is that Google hasn’t classified this as a priority because it’s simply not a affecting a lot of users. Probably user error.

    • AJA

      I meant the G2

  • hasnad

    No it is definitally an issue, i think especially with the d1. It happened to me quite a few times to me when i had it and happens to a few of my friends alot, the phone will flip pictures and names at the top or just send the message to someone else that happened to txt in when u were sending one out…maybe u just dont get enough txts from multiple ppl to see its an actual issue :p just sayin

  • I use chompSMS instead of the default Messaging app, and I haven’t noticed any issues on my Captivate. However, my boss also has a Captivate and he has this problem all the time (I believe he’s using the standard Messaging app).

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