Fotogram: Because someone in Finland wanted Instagram on their Nokia

Every once in a while they’ll be an application, some may even call it a “killer app”, that makes people adopt a new technology or flock to one particular software platform over the other. For many, Instagram for the iPhone and iPod touch became that application since it enabled people to snap photos, apply filters to them in real time, and then share said memories with their social network. Furtiv, a Finnish mobile development firm, saw Instagram and the many clones that came out for the competing Android platform, and decided to make their own application called Fotogram. Not the most creative of names, but whatever, there’s nothing else like it for Nokia devices, which is why Furtiv got their code monkeys to make an application that they then charge you 2 Euros to download despite the limited feature set.

Want my advice? You shouldn’t be ruining your photos anyway. Why apply a filter to purposefully muck up the colors, make your friend’s face blurry, or some other nonsensical manipulation, all in the name of wanting to get your click to recognize you as some sort of creative genius? But hey, if you really want to jump on this bandwagon then snap all the photos you want and wait until you get home to upload them to your computer, then play with any one of multiple image editing programs, maybe even learn a little bit of Photoshop.

Instagram recently hit 1 million users, and they did it with just one platform driving their success. Whether or not they’ll branch out to Android, Symbian, webOS, remains to be seen, but where there’s a nickel and dime to be made, people like Furtiv will be there to snatch the opportunity. Expect to see others trying to get in on the Nokia action very soon.

[Via: Arctic Startup]

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