iMonitor unveils the list of top media-related iPad apps

As part of the plan to return to profitability, old-school media companies have started embracing iPad, big time. Most of the major media outlets already launched mobile apps for Apple’s tablet with others set to follow shortly.

That said, today we present you with the list of Best Magazine & Newspaper Apps of 2010, prepared by McPheters & Company’s iMonitor service, which is providing detailed evaluation and global tracking of more than 1000 media-related iPad apps from more than 40 countries. Here’s what they got:

App Name – Country – Publisher – iMonitor App Rating

The list is based on the iMonitor rating system which scores each app based on its design, functionality, and use of rich content. Each variable is evaluated on a five-point scale and rolled up into a single App Rating with a maximum potential value of 15…

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