foneGEAR unveils fuse brand, PowerSlice Charging Station and BumperSticker Phone Protectors at CES

The electronics accessories maker foneGEAR used the CES to launch “the new face of foneGEAR” – the fuse brand, which will effectively replace multiple foneGEAR brands.

Aside from the name change, the company also announced the PowerSlice Charging Station that allows up to four phones or electronic devices to be charged simultaneously from a single power source. This ever-useful accessory consists of a universal base station and up to three pie-shaped “slices,” each of which contains an interchangeable charging tip capable of charging a unique device such as a phone, digital camera or portable gaming system. Charging slices are available for most popular phones and electronics and an additional device may be charged via a USB 2.0 port on the base station.

The second fuse product we’ll be talking is the BumperSticker Phone Protector, a decorated self-adhesive protective cover that fits on the back cover of the Apple iPhone 4. It features photo-realistic artwork in a variety of styles under a protective polyurethane cover. BumperStickers are removable and non-marking, and can be applied and removed over and over again.

Finally, there are InTune stereo earphones, which are tuned to deliver music “optimized for the listener’s favorite music genre.” These are available for 4 different listening experiences – Pop/Easy Listening, Jazz/Classical, Rock/Blues/Country and Rap/Hip-Hop…

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