Windows Phone 7 eats 3G data even on WiFi?

Something seems to be seriously wrong with Windows Phone 7 and I’m not talking about the fierce competition it faces from Android. Users are complaining that their smartphones running Microsoft’s mobile OS are consuming more 3G data than expected. Sure, there are email accounts and live tiles on the homescreen that need to be updated throughout the day, but there’s more. According to some reports, Windows Phone 7 devices are consuming up to 2MB of mobile data per hour which brings the total monthly data consumption close to 1.5GB. What’s more, some folks said they’ve seen their Windows devices eating out 3G data even while home, when the phone is connected to a local WiFi hotspot. That’s outrageous.

We’ve no doubts Microsoft is working their asses off to solve any issues emerging. Bugs like these are not acceptable in an ever competitive mobile landscape and I’m sure the other Steve knows that. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait for too long to get the patch that fixes this problem. In the meantime, you’re advised to set your email account to manual update and turn off location services…

[Via: Engadget]

  • Enill

    I live in Canada/Quebec, i use my phones for all my mails needs and kinda a lot of web browsing and applications download.

    My 3G usage never went over 1.2gb even with all the tasks im doing.

    It may be more of a problem related to some carrier or something, because trust me, i see nothing true in this article.

  • Vincents1278

    Apparently you have to turn off some options to automatically send feedback to MS and backup photos and some other things.

  • Anonymous

    I love how Google tries to regurgitate this one off, strange blog of someone that forgot to set his email correctly. Kinda funny how google tries to push its own agenda in its “unbiased” news.

    Oh and yes it does copy up your photos and other things to your accounts if you set them – uh duh !

  • Mob

    this guy is anti-Microsoft and or he ate some curb from apple or Android, so he talking without knowing what he is talking about. can you go internet K.G(kindergartten).

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