PC Classic Death Rally Being Remade for iPhone and iPad This March

If you enjoy top-down arcade racers, such as EA’s Reckless Racing which was released last October, then you’re in for a treat as Remedy Entertainment has announced they’re going to offer a remake of the 1996 PC classic, Death Rally, on the iPhone and iPad this March.

Death Rally isn’t your typical top-down racer. I mean, the objective may be the same, which is to win races, but all vehicles that you race with and against are armed to the teeth with guns, rocket launchers, and anything else you can think of to blow your enemy to smithereens. As you win races and blow up opponents, you’ll receive money which can be used to upgrade a number of your vehicle’s attributes, including its engine, tires, and weapons.

No price was give at this time, but a trailer showing what the game will look like once it’s released in March was released and the game looks really, really good. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Remedy offers a multiplayer mode because blowing up your friends and random strangers can be very satisfying.

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