Telmap shares top 9 LBS trends for 2011

Hopefully this will be the last 2011 prediction article we’re posting. I decided to give Telmap a shout because of their extensive involvement in the location-based services (LBS) that gives them a unique perspective to the industry. Without further ado, here are their top 9 LBS trends for 2011:

  1. Location as a constantly-active infrastructure layer – which will require devices to seamlessly draw location-data through a variety of location technologies, whether it’s Wi-Fi, Cell-ID, GPS signal or NFC.
  2. Social activity on the mobile fully integrates location capabilities and features – the trend which is expected to grow even further in 2011.
  3. Driving and navigation will be enriched with road and driving related information from the local community – speed cameras, police traps, traffic jams, road closures, road incidents and more will be shared among community members.
  4. Tracking is out – Sharing is in – Google Latitude failed to reach the tipping point. Users rather share their location than allow others to know where they are all the time.
  5. Ultra local experience – using LBS to explore home environment in the micro-level: neighborhood, city and sometimes country.
  6. Cross mobile operators, cross networks cooperation is key – operators will work together, creating interoperability and openness across networks, similar to what has been achieved for SMS.
  7. Relevant, personal retail offers – 2011 is expected to be a big year for mobile advertising with most major brands considering mobile as an integral part of their media channels.
  8. Quality mapping is the basis to all – In 2010 many providers turn to free, user-generated maps which may not be up to the task for all location-based services. Cross referencing and verifications between more sources will be used to guarantee quality level and timeliness of information.
  9. LBS landscape is changing – Nokia’s LBS presence in Europe will weaken, while Google will continue to make strides and progress.

Telmap concludes its press release with a belief that 2011 is the year when location-based services will go beyond navigation, to serve all of users’ day-to-day needs while out-and-about.

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