Fake Nokia N9 appears in China

Nokia N9 clone

Chinese cloners are doing their best to grab some media attention and sometime they actually succeed. Take the phone pictured above for instance – from what we know, it’s a replica of the still unannounced, yet caught in the wild Nokia N9. In that sense, this isn’t technically a fake device, cause the “real thing” is still not available outside of the Finnish company’s R&D labs. So what do we think off it then? Same – don’t buy it, the quality is spotty to say the least. Moreover, I’m sure Nokia’s legal team has all the proofs need to ban this ripoff appearing in any store across the Western world. That, however, won’t stop interested Chinese folks to pick it up for around $100.

Specs wise, the fake N9 features a 3-inch screen (vs N9’s rumored 4-inch display), two cameras, WiFi, Bluetooth, FM radio, dual-SIM card capability and a microSD memory card slot. The OS itself reminds on Symbian, if that counts for something… and it doesn’t.

[Via: Engadget]

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