Leisure Suit Larry Now Available for iPhone and iPad

Leisure Suit Larry

Leisure Suit Larry

Retro gamers with iOS devices in-hand, take note. I just received a note from my but Martin over at Sarien.net, and by the sounds of things he’s been very busy working on publishing many classic and exciting Sierra games for all to enjoy. Here’s the skinny:

First, the entire Sierra AGI catalog is now available on the iPad. To check ’em out, simply hit up http://ipad.sarien.net. When you visit the site you’ll notice an ‘iBooks’ looking bookshelf, with the current game lineup in full view. Choose from Leisure Suit Larry, Police Quest, Space Quest (I and II), Gold Rush and many more.

Most of these games have been tweaked for touch gameplay. Very nice. I know from my original experience playing Space Quest on the iPad that everything is very intuitive. Touch where you want to go… tap buttons to perform different tasks.. it’s all very easy.

Finally (and perhaps the biggest bit of news here) is the fact that Martin’s re-jig of Leisure Suit Larry is now available on the iPhone! Nice! I’ve yet to try it out myself, but all you have to do is hit up the same download location, locate the game on the bookshelf and download the game. I can remember from back in the day the bit ‘stir’ that the Leisure Suit Larry caused. In comparison to many of today’s titles, it’s fun to look back to see what all the trouble was about.

Happy retro gaming to all!

  • Jvdv22

    larry game doesnt show, says “Be Patient” I AM NOT PATIENT!

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