Notion Ink Adam reportedly arriving to customers now

After all the delays and speculation, it seems the Notion Ink Adam is very real and is shipping out to customers already. While many thought it was nothing more than vaporware, or perhaps even a scam, the images seem legitimate so far and customers are enthralled to have their Android tablets arrive. According to the recipients of the new device, there is a software update waiting for it and it apparently took nearly 20 minutes to download. Of course, this would vary from user to user depending on network speeds.

The box that it comes in also happens to convert into a stand, which is nice I guess. The user who received the tablet also said it was a pain to install the protective cover.

Ultimately, it’s great to see that the Notion Ink Adam has finally started shipping after a tumultuous start and some drama on the web. However, with Android Honeycomb tablets on the horizon, some of which are 4G capable, just how well will this relatively new tablet survive amongst the giants?

Oh, and did anyone else notice that the logo and font look eerily familiar?

[Via: Notion Ink Fan]

  • Guesst

    What if Notion Ink is owned by Apple ? And Steve Jobs took time off to stabilize the NI delivery ?

    • Anonymous


  • GT

    Did you guys create the Adam? Font does look like yours.

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