Satarii Star for iPhone follows your every move

Have you ever wished that you could just mount your iPhone onto a dock while shooting video and have it follow your every move around the room? It’s soon becoming a reality with the Satarii Star, a dock for your iPhone that includes a small module that you can hold or clip onto your shirt. It’s simple as that – the device will follow that little module wherever it goes, and if it’s on your person, it will follow you. Now you can do all your video blogs, YouTube films and FaceTime chats hands free without worrying about the camera being trained on you.

What’s special about Satarii Star is that it’s also crowdfunded. That’s right, users are paying to have the thing built and get to be one of the first to try the new gadget.

MobileCrunch reports:

Satarii says that their goal is to have the first batch of these things going out within about 6 months, with their first real retail endeavors beginning in about a year. Right now, the Star exists in two forms: a non-functional “Looks Like” prototype that represents how things will (hopefully) look in the end, and a totally-functional “Works Like” prototype which proves the concept with a slightly bulkier, slightly-less-sightly package built from off-the-shelf components.

If the idea of having one of these excites you, feel free to throw in a few dollars to help get these things moving. By summer, when a new iPhone is released, you’ll also likely have one of these lying around for the moments when you need or want it most.

[Via: MobileCrunch]

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