Dead Space for iPhone and iPad Released; Have Fun With Those Nightmares

If you’re a console or PC gamer, then you’ll know that EA released Dead Space 2, which is a sequel to its 2009 horror themed third-person shooter. A couple of months back, we learned that a Dead Space game would be making its way to both the iPhone and iPad, with a gameplay trailer released last week to whet our appetite. I predicted that the game could possibly be released when Dead Space 2 was released, and it looks like I was right as EA Mobile has announced they’ve released Dead Space for both the iPhone and iPad.

In Dead Space you play as Issac Clarke in an all new story that takes place between the events of the console version of Dead Space and Dead Space 2. Dead Space for iOS brings the experience to your iPhone and iPad as the game features a fully voice-acted stereo soundtrack that includes an orchestrated score, atmospheric lighting, and a ton of necromorphs to dismember. The game was developed by EA Mobile development studio IronMonkey Studios while working closely with Dead Space’s original developers, Visceral Games, to ensure that Dead Space iOS lives up to fans expectations.

As with the console games, Dead Space for iOS features a number of weapons that you’ll use to cut apart your enemies, such as the Plasma Cutter and two all-new weapons, the Plasma Saw and Core Extractor, as well as being able to use Kinesis and Stasis Modules. You’ll be able to purchase helpful items and ammo from the in-game stores as well as upgrade your weapons and suits from weapon upgrade benches.

Dead Space for iOS is available now with the iPhone version selling for $6.99 and the iPad version selling for $9.99.

Dead Space ($6.99) – [iTunes Link]

Dead Space HD ($9.99) – [iTunes Link]

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    How terrible the game is.
    I’m afraid to play it. My best iphone and ipad app&game is Agry Birds and iFunia ipad converter.

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