Telltale Games Drops Price of Monkey Island, Sam & Max, and other iPad Titles to $2.99

When it comes to point-n-click adventure games, I think it’s safe to say tablets, such as the Apple iPad, are the perfect device to play such games. When it comes to those same types of games, one of the companies that I feel is delivering a solid experience in their games is Telltale Games. If you haven’t experienced games like Monkey Island Tales 1, Sam & Max, or Puzzle Agent on your iPad, now would be the perfect time to check them out as a little Telltale Games birdie just informed me that all of their titles are on sale for $2.99.

It might seem strange that after all of the recent holidays and New Years sales that Telltale would all of a sudden drop the prices for their games. Although no big holidays are going on right at this moment, that is, unless you’re Australian, Telltale Games decided to drop the prices on their games in order to celebrate the critical acclaim they’ve been receiving. When do you ever see a company pat themselves on the back by giving consumers a drop in price for their awesome games? Yep, that’s how Telltale Games does it.

The list games is a rather short one compared to other publishers’ list of games, so I’m hoping that Telltale Games can beef up their iOS presence in the future. Even though Telltale Games’ list of games might be light, they’ll keep you entertained and scratchin’ your noggin’ for hours. Here’s the list of games going on sale:

If I had only $2.99 left in my iTunes account, I’d have to go with Monkey Island Tales 1 HD as I’ve always had a soft spot for the Monkey Island series. That’s not to say the other games aren’t worth your money as they all are. You’ll certainly get a great deal if you decide to buy all of these games for $12 instead of getting them all for $28. The games will be on sale from now until 2/10/11, so you have more than enough time to decide if you can really afford $2.99 for one of these fine games.

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