Nimbuzz Ping adds push notifications to feature phones

Popular multi-network IM and mobile VoIP client Nimbuzz unveiled its latest offering that enables push notifications on feature phones. Called Nimbuzz Ping, it allows users to appear online to their friends and receive a free SMS alert when someone in their Nimbuzz community wants to get in touch, even when Nimbuzz is closed.

This new feature is part of the greater Nimbuzz Operator Partnership Program, and is initially available to more than 88 million subscribers across the Telkomsel (Singtel Group network). While operators provide the SMS alerts, Ping drives up ARPU with a new revenue stream from the additional data use that occurs when customers are prompted to log in to respond to invites, chat messages or shared files.

That said I could easily see this flying in the emerging markets of the world where carriers are struggling to promote various Internet services. With Ping running users will be empowered to use mobile data more…

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